My April Stitch Fix

.  So...how did you all like my very first Stitch Fix post?  Worth reading?  Yes.  No.

It's okay, you can be honest.  Constructive criticism is always welcome....as long as it's all nice things ☺️

But let's get in to my April Stitch Fix package.  This month was a touch more fun than the last because I actually kept something!  So that always makes things a little more exciting, right?  Right.

So here we go....

The first item are these versatile, Summer-white skinny jeans.  I absolutely loved these, the fit was great and I liked how they hit right at the ankle.  You could also switch it up and roll the legs up a bit to give you more of a capri look.  The only reason I didn't keep these is because I happen to already have a pair just like them.  And for the price, I just couldn't get myself to buy something I already had in my closet.  Logic got the best of me this time around... But as you go through the rest of the pictures, you'll notice these jeans in many of the outfits.  Just goes to show that white jeans are a Spring/Summer must, dress them up or down, they're for any and all occasions!

Next up is the floral, 3/4 length sleeve top, also seen in the first photo.  This was a shirt I tried on several times because I totally loved it: the print was beautiful and the cross front was very flattering. I personally loved the idea of this as a wear-to-work shirt but my conservative self couldn't get past the slit in the front.  So sadly, back to Stitch Fix headquarters this shirt went.

This shirt...just not a hit for me.  I love the color, especially paired with the white jeans.  Great summer outfit!  But the material felt a little cheap to me and even though I love, love me some fun button details and cutouts, this shirt was a definite no.  You win some, you lose some!

Who doesn't love a fun Summer dress?!  My hands are raised!  But unfortunately, not this time...The fit of the dress was great, the fabric had slight a stretch so it would be very flattering for any body type.   The dress length was also long enough that I think it'd be acceptable to wear to work, which is always a plus for me.  But the dress was ever so slightly large, and with horizontal stripes that's usually a no-go for me.  Maybe next time around.

This last piece, the striped maxi, is the one garment I kept from my April package.  Again, I tried this skirt on several times.  Initially I wasn't in love with it because, let's be honest, the cream color of the skirt is about as pale my skin, so I didn't find it incredibly complementary.  But after I tried on a top or two with the skirt, I began to see it's versatility.  So into my closet it went!

Another month, another Stitch Fix shipment come and gone.  But the good thing is that I got a great new maxi out of it.  Now if only the summer weather would roll in to Chicago...

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Spring Bouquets and Blueberry Snack Bars

.  So, I'm a little disappointed in myself.

This post was originally supposed to be a giveaway for my dear readers (i.e., $10 off a stunning floral bouquet) but because of this or that, it took me way too long to get this post completed.

Therefore, I'm just going to have to promote the bejeezus out of FTD bouquets.  And Lucky Leaf Pie Fillings [the sponsor of this post].

And I can vouch that the FTD bouquets are lush, gorgeous, and the perfect centerpiece to give your home the most lovely Spring touch because FTD sent me a complimentary arrangement of my choice, of which I just could not pass up the Lavender Fields Mixed Bouquet... can you blame me?

The flowers [and vase] came with a packet of flower 'food', so the beautiful arrangement lasted a good week or so on our kitchen counter.  It was always so refreshing turning the corner from coming in to our apartment and seeing bright, luscious flowers that you don't get too often living in the city.

But in addition to the free bouquet,  Lucky Leaf also sent along four pie fillings and three very Spring recipe cards.

So let me speak of one of the most delicious bars I have ever made.  I kid you not.  These things were gone in a flash at work and I didn't stop hearing about them until long after.  They were goOooooOOOooood.

Blueberry Snack Bars.

Sweet, moist, dense cake-like bars topped with a creamy cheesecake middle, rich blueberry pie filling, and finished with crunchy walnuts.  Pa-LEASE.  Makes my mouth water.

And you know what slays me?  

The fact that they weren't completely homemade. 

I can hear the gasps from the true bakers of the world but you know what?  Sometimes you do what you gotta do.  And that's that.  This time around the quick and dirty method was just what I needed though, because I made these late at night after a work event.  But I guarantee you no one would have guessed how easy peasy these were!

Hopefully by this time I've convinced you to at least take a gander at the lovely products FTD has to offer, I do believe a very special Mother's Day happens to be tomorrow...

Or at the very least, I hope you're already gathering together the ingredients for these bars.  Oh you are?  Happy baking!  .

P.S. you've probably noticed I don't have any of my own pictures on this post, huh?  Well I had a bit of a snafoo with my camera and they were deleted from my memory card.  So...this post...just needs to be done.  Sowwy guys.

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