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Salty Tart store front

. No baking plans today, so I figured I would take this chance to introduce my all time favorite bakery: the Salty Tart.  This small bakery, located in Midtown in Minneapolis, MN, is owned by Michelle Gayer, the most outgoing, genuine, and passionate baker I have had the pleasure of meeting.  Words can't even describe the deliciousness that comes out of her kitchen.  Believe me, I've taken every chance to promote her bakery to anyone and everyone I know.  "You need desserts?  Hellooo, Salty Tart!"  So how do I know of this little gem?  Long and random story, but I was fortunate enough to intern at the bakery a few summers back and my life has never been the same.  Once you're introduced to the finer things in life, you can't really ever go back.

What are some of my favorites, you ask?  It's hard to say because there is nothing, literally nothing, that you wouldn't die for when it comes to this place.  But from my short stint at the Salty Tart, I absolutely fell in love with the Pastry Cream-Filled Brioche and the Sour Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Just thinking about them makes me want to make the 6-hour drive back home and head straight to the Global Market.  My mouth is watering.

Pastry Cream-filled Brioche

The wonderful thing about this bakery, however, is the array of goodies they make from scratch each and every day.  Homemade breads, UNREAL sandwiches, cookies, cupcakes, tarts...you name it, they have it!  Have I mentioned the gorgeous wedding cakes?!  Don't think for a second that I haven't mentioned those to EVERY newly engaged couple I've come across!  I could probably go on for the rest of the day raving about this place, but it's one of those things that you have to try for yourself.  And you won't regret it.  I've already noticed the increasing publicity Michelle and the Salty Tart have received, it's only a matter of time until they have completely taken over Minnesota (if they haven't already!) .

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And it begins...

. Some people have suggested that I begin to blog about my baking extravaganza's, so here we go.  My first post on my first blog.

I've basically spent the last few hours of my Saturday night trying to get this thing up and running.  Seriously, way too much work.  Choosing colors and a layout was extremely exhausting!  The end product was worth it but whew, there's too much room for improvement.  We'll see if that evolves.  

I guess the purpose of this blog is to be able to share some of the recipes I've tested over the last couple years.  I'm looking to not only share the pictures I take of my baked goodies (yes, I take pictures of everything and a select few can vouch for this as I send them picture texts like crazy!) but also the instructions to make them yourself!  I would like to put out there, however, that these recipes are ones that I've found on-line and in some of my favorite baking books and I've put together only a VERY small number of the recipes.  No need to take credit where credit isn't due!  Obviously I'm not going to be able to put up every single recipe of the things I've made over the last couple years but from here on out, I'll post the new (yummy) things I try and some of my favorite treats from the past.  If anyone is actually reading this and you know of something I've made that you're interested in, let me know and I will GLADLY write up the recipe.

I'm not really sure what it is about baked goods (oh yeah, the butter sugar, chocolate, etc.) but they always seem to put a smile on a person's face, one of the reasons I've fallen in love with baking.  Of course I love "taste testing" these recipes but my favorite thing is giving them to people and you can literally see their day brighten.  I basically find any excuse to bake, ask my boyfriend, family, friends, and co-workers.  It's actually quite comical now that I think about it.  But here's my attempt to share with anyone out there the simple pleasures I've found in baking.

P.S. - As this is my novice attempt at a blog and webpage layout, any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.  This will always be a work in progress... .

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