My June Stitch Fix

.  Hopefully you didn't notice I skipped my May Stitch Fix.  And if you didn't, well...now you do.  Fortunately I didn't keep anything from last month so you didn't miss anything.

Like it's been this entire year, last month slipped right by me and freakin' a the middle of July is already upon us.  And also like it's been the entire year, this impending wedding is my only excuse.

Okay, I think that's a pretty legit excuse.  And even though I have absolutely loved [almost] every aspect of wedding planning, I can easily say it has completely consumed my life.  And the countdown that is soon to be two months will not be getting any better.  But I keep telling myself it will all be worth on that big day I officially become a Knight.

Anywho, let's get into my favorite Stitch Fix package yet.  This month's stylist absolutely hit the ball out of the park [okay, I'll admit I'm watching the All-Star game as I type this post]!  If it weren't for the fact that it feels like I'm spending every last dollar on wedding shenanigans, I would have purchased this entire Fix!

But...I [reluctantly] showed some self control and sent everything back to Stitch Fix headquarters.  You should be proud of me.

You'll notice that I don't have names or prices for the items, I dropped the ball [another All-Star game reference] and threw away the slip in the package with all of the info.  Whoops.

This was easily one of the most well fitting dresses I've ever tried on.  The fabric was slightly elastic and the cut of the dress was incredibly flattering.  One claim I will never be able to make is that I have a good 'chest' area, but this dress was supportive in all of the right places [if you know what I mean, nudge nudge].  And check out the deep cut back!  Although I usually think of maxi dresses as more casual wear, the fabric of this dress was much more dense so you could totally throw on some heels and take this out for a night on the town!

Dress 2.  Oh, dress 2.  What's not to love about this ensemble?  Unlike the above dress, this maxi was light weight, airy, and perfect for a stroll around the city!  My absolute favorite detail were the rope straps, which led to a cut-out back.  Unique details like this are basically irresistible to me, it was quite a miracle I put this back in the mail.  Maxi's are one of my go-to's during the summer because it's one whole outfit, no thinking required!

This cute little grey tank could have been an every day staple.  I love neutrals because you can wear them with absolutely anything and they never go out of style.  The fun part f this top was the square grid back, just another minor detail that turns a typical ol' shirt into something irresistible!

This last piece reminds me of something you could get from one of my all-time favorite brands, Free People.  This boho-ey-ish tank would have been perfection for a trip to the beach or simple weekend wear.  I also loved the unique burnt orange color of this shirt, it's not a color you see every day so when you do my advice would be to snatch it up!  

Ahem, I did get five pieces in my June Stitch Fix but my last item was a gold necklace that, uhhh....I didn't love.  So I didn't even bother taking a picture of it.  Is that three strikes this post?  I'll work on that for next month.

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