As of Late...

.  So, it dawned on me just the other day that I haven't baked anything in over a month....

One.  Month.

To most, that would seem like no big deal.  But as a person who typically doesn't go one weekend without making something...this is quite tragic.

But in order to keep my sanity among the hectic schedule the fiancé and I have been leading as of late, I've tried to give myself a pass with blogging.  As much as I'd like to 'do it all', somethings gotta give.

I will say, however, I do have some legit excuses for my lack of posting.  Lots and lots of excuses, actually.  Because I can't remember a weekend in the past month or more where we haven't been on the road or had very welcomed guests in town.  As you'll see, it's been go-go-go in our neck of the city.

Therefore, I'd like to make this post into nothing but a picture post.  Simply for the fact that the happiness, joy, and love that radiates from each and every one.  Feelings that one just can't describe. Plus, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?  I'd be here this whole week if I was trying to describe them all...

So let us begin with easily the best weekend I have had in quite a while because it involved one of the absolute best friends a lady could ask for, her hubby, and most definitely the two cutest little pair of sisters my eyes have ever seen.  This was... The Bystryzcki Memorial Day Weekend ☺️

A trip to Navy Pier!

Easily my absolute favorite picture of the weekend!

Time for the Lincoln Park Zoo!
Night in with Cards Against Humanity and those big baby blues!

I'll forever remember this moment filled with Gracie's giggles as she snuggled into my chest.
The following weekend, I made the lone trip back to Minnesota for the graduation party of one of my family's best friends' son's, Nick.  It was a very quick trip: back home to Minne late Friday night and turned around to Chicago Sunday afternoon.  But between making baseball cookies, the graduation party, an unexpected chance to watch Nick's Section baseball game (i.e., high school post season), and of course, shopping with my mama, I'd say the weekend was more than worth it!  

As a side note, you'll notice Nick didn't actually make it into any of the pictures because he was only at his own graduation party for about an hour before he was off to the baseball field for warm ups!  But believe me, he didn't mind it.  Nick is easily the most passionate baseball player I have ever met.  He has an innate love for the game that I've honestly never come across in  a kid his age, but it's not necessarily the game itself.  It's the camaraderie with his fellow teammates and the act of working towards a goal with others.  To say Nick is a truly genuine, unique young man would be an understatement, and it has been such a joy to watch him evolve over the many, many years!

The following weekend kept me in the good ol' city of Chicago for my first annual TTX Golf Outing!  The weather was absolutely gorgeous [a welcomed change to the cold, wind, and rain we'd been having] and I must say, I had quite the group to golf with.  Between the music blasting from our golf cart, drinks of choice, beautiful sun, and entertaining company, I couldn't have asked for a better time!  Needless to say, I'll be back next year.

Absolutely love this gorgeous girl.  So much so, she's been designated the personal assistant in the wedding party!  Even though I refuse to have her do anything but relax :)

Crazily enough, I have more life updates even after this last weekend.  But that will have to wait for another post of mass pictures as this one has gotten quite lengthy.  If you've stuck with me until the end...thank you!  As you can see, it's been hard to squeeze in any kitchen time lately but I promise some baking [and cooking!] recipes will soon make an appearance.  Ta ta for now!

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