Tried & True Tuesday: Coming Thursday!

.  It's late.  I'm tired.  But the Tried & Tuesday post is quietly calling my name, so I'm going to make this quick!

But in actuality, a short [but sweet] and recipe free post is perfect for tonight for several reasons.  I'm not getting to this post until late (yes, I realize it's only 9:39 P.M. but I need my sleep ☺) because my boyfriend and I had the chance to attend the Creighton vs. Nebraska baseball game.  And no, it wasn't just ANY baseball game, because if it was, I definitely wouldn't have gone tonight seeing as it was only around 35°F out.  But tonight's game had a special significance...it was the first baseball game in the brand new TD Ameritrade College World Series (CWS) stadium!  The field is gorgeous, has perfectly cut green grass, a beautiful concourse, and fabulous amenities.  It's by far [stated by my boyfriend] the nicest college stadium in the nation.  And I quote "I can't even think of another stadium that even comes close."  So that gives you an inkling about what we were privileged to experience.

Probably doesn't do the stadium justice, but you get the idea!

This quick post [that is turning into a normal post] will also be recipe free because I'll be making the recipe I wanted to post tomorrow night!  A few co-workers of mine have recently accepted new positions, so as tradition calls, we are having a Treat Day on Thursday to say good luck and farewell.  As such, I'll be bringing in Carrot Cupcakes to celebrate.  I also chose these for my last Easter-themed post, since Easter is [oh my I can't believe it already!] this weekend!  So, in order to bring my lovely readers back (if I have any...), I'll be putting up the Carrot Cupcake recipe on Thursday after I'm able to relive this treat and also add some fun Easter touches.  Until Thursday! .

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  1. Thanks for posting this Jess! My bro was in on the design part of the stadium--he is an arch at HDR. He and my dad got to go last night. Looks like it was a tough one (2-1).

    If you an Robbie ever want to do a warm-weather couples trip, Spencer and I are in!!!


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