Happy, happy Mother's Day!

. What a wonderful day and weekend.  I haven't posted anything since Tuesday because I've been a little busy...hanging out with my family!  Fortunately, my mom and dad were able to make it down to Omaha this weekend for Mother's Day and I had the most fabulous time with them.  There's never a dull moment and I always enjoy just simply being around my parents.  They are two of the most genuine, loving people I have ever met (and I'm not being biased, they're loved by everyone!).

It was a quick trip but well worth it (to me at least).  They got in Friday and we had a nice dinner downtown at Stokes, a southwestern style restaurant and one of my parents favorite places here.  Then on Saturday, we ventured over to Lincoln, NE where we watched an 18-U softball game coached by my best friend from softball and her dad, a great friend of the family.  Our families spent the four years of our college careers together, coming to the softball fields almost every weekend to cheer us on and thoroughly enjoy each other's company.

Then after the game, we traveled back to Omaha where we met up with some more long lost softball friends and caught up with everyone's lives over pizza and beer.  Oh, the stories!  There were moments of near tears at some points and it really made me miss the good ol' times with all of the softball girls and their families.  But getting together like we did is something we will always be able to look forward to ☺

One of the after-games pizza gathering with the team!

But back to the real purpose of this post: my mom.  Words can't really describe her actually.  She is an unbelievable woman: positive, selfless, loving, caring.  I could basically go on and on.  Over the years our relationship has truly blossomed.  We always had a great relationship, but I think once I left for college [far from home], I really began to count on her and go to her for everything.  No matter what she has going on, she is always willing to listen to me [complain], offer me advice for those times when my stubborn head gets in the way, and really, just be my friend.  My best friend, at that.  There isn't anything I don't tell her or confide in her about because I know she will never pass judgement, she'll just be there to listen.  I know that no matter what [sometimes stupid things] I do, she will always love me.  And what more could you ask for?

So to my mom, thank you so very much for being you.  I am truly blessed to have you in my life and to have the relationship we have together.  I'll never be able to express the amount of love and respect I have for you.  I hope we were able to make this a very special Mother's Day, love you ☺ .

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