'The Lauritsen Life'

. Hey everyone!  The boyfriends' (okay, we all know his name is Robbie, so we're going to refer to him as that now.  I think we've made it to that point ☺) sister [Kelli] and hubby [Brett] have started their own blog!  Since Kelli and Brett live in Kansas City, away from their family and friends in Omaha [and other various places I would guess!], they've created The Lauritsen Life to keep everyone updated on what's happening in their neck of the woods.  A good idea, I must say!  They're a very outgoing, social couple, so there's always something interesting going on with those two.  And since they live so far away [and Robbie isn't the best of communicators sometimes...joooking!  Kind of...), I'm excited to read about those two!  So in support of them, head on over to their blog and become a follower of The Lauritsen Life.  I can guarantee they'll be a lot more exciting than Robbie and I! .


  1. Thanks for the shout out! :) Just saw this! And I'll try to live up to the boyfriends, I mean Robbie's expectations of always being mentioned!:)


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