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. This doesn't happen very often, so I have to put up this post ☺

Have you noticed the 'Linky Parties' on the right side of the blog?  If you're not part of the blogging world, I would assume that you have no clue what 'Linky Parties' are.  Correct?  Let me [briefly] explain...

If you hop around to different blogs, you'll eventually stumble upon what is known as 'Linky Parties.'  Basically, bloggers host these parties [at their own free will] where fellow bloggers link up their posts.  Some are strictly for posts put up during the last week, desserts, savory items, cupcakes, crafts, etc. Or some just let you link up any ol' thing you want!

So the ones that I've come across and have participated in are the ones whose 'buttons' are on this page [remember, to the right?].

Well one of the very first linky parties I ever participated in was Mingle Mondays over at Add a Pinch, created by the ever-so talented Robyn.  And every Monday, I would venture on over to her blog [with my fingers crossed] hoping to see one of my linked up recipes.  Well guess what?!

I MADE IT!  So head on over to the Mingle Mondays post featuring my very own recipe!  Woop, woop!  And, of course, check out all of the ridiculously wonderful links put up by other bloggers, there's always something for everyone! .


  1. All of your milestones are something to be proud of! PS I just discovered your change in layout and I love it.

  2. Thats so fun Jess! Next time I see you, I may need a little more explanation...I'm still new at all this.

  3. Linky parties are the best. I need to participate in more. I think you meet a lot of great bloggers that way. And congrats on being featured.

  4. @Jennifer Lien Oo, thanks Jenn!

    @Kelli Haha no problem, they're pretty fun to do because you there's always such a variety of stuff and toons of bloggers!

    @Sara @ Saucy Dipper Very true, I've found a lot of the blogs I follow through linky parties.


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