Wedding Wednesdays


Right where you are.  Pull back those gasps and decrease your heart rate.  This is NOT what you're thinking. 

Robbie and I are. not. en. gaged.  Don't worry mom, I would never have you find out this way!

No, we're not...but they are!!

Okay, okay, if you know them at all you know that this is actually old news.  But hey, better late than never!  And what I have to tell you is actually a new development.

So, I'm not really sure how this all happened.  It began as a joke and was never brought up again until recently.  But for some [odd] reason, this lovely couple wants me to do their wedding cake.  ME!  Can you believe it?  I get a slight case of anxiety just thinking about it.  

Of course I said yes!!!!, but I still can't fathom what is going through their minds...crazy people.

Anywho, the couple recently told me some combinations they would like me to test out and will eventually narrow it down to just a couple for the actual wedding day.  Oh, side note, they're thinking about doing a smaller cake and then tons of cupcakes.  They're getting married in September 2012, and I feel like I'm getting a late start (just kidding...but not really).  Me and my anal self have already been reeling ideas through my mind.  Cupcakes are constantly on the brain!

So here we are with 'Wedding Wednesdays.'  The bride actually came up with this name [which I thought was brilliant!], and I'll be using these posts to blog about all of the experiments.  Good or bad.  And I can guarantee I'll be begging for advice, so many things to think about for such a monumental event!  Eek!  Hope you all enjoy this, I'm overly excited to begin testing out cupcakes [15 lbs, here I come!] and even more ecstatic for the couple.  Let the cupcake adventures begin! .


  1. I used to work at a cupcake bakery in college!!! You are going to do great! How exciting!!

  2. Ugh, One of these days maybe it will be you and Robbie! Maybe. But great idea and how fun of them to ask you! Maybe it will be the begininig of something big for you!:)

  3. You are crazy sister! Ha. you will do fine. Glad it's you!

  4. This is awesome Jessica!! I love your blog, makes me want to bake :)

  5. @Crystal Mae Thanks for the encouragement, it better all work out!

    @Kelli Haha ONE day...but I'm guessing Danny gets to it before us ;)

    @Dale You'll be helpin' out too brotha!

    @Jamie Thanks Jamie, glad you stopped by! Congrats on the baby bump, btw! I keep updated through Brit quite a bit, can't wait to see all of the little babes playing!


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