Lucky Leaf GIVEAWAY and Cherry Coconut Squares

.  So, all you Midwesterners.  Anyone else as sick of this never-going-to-see-Spring-weather we've been having?  As I'm typing out this post, it is currently mid-30s [so freezing], raining, and beyond windy.  Oh, did we forget it's May?  Okay, just wanted to make sure we all knew that.

And that's enough of my crabbing because we have some fun things to get to.  Am I right or am I right?!

What better way to make us forget about the dreary weather than a creative giveaway by Lucky Leaf?!  'Good Things Come to Those Who Pin' is the name of this contest and it's sure to get you in the Spring mood [for those of you who haven't seen it yet!].

So how does it work exactly?  Well it's pretty easy peasy and totally worth it seeing as the grand prize is $500!  But why stop there?  Two additional winners will receive $200 and ten (10) more finalists will win Lucky Leaf gift packs!  So here are the rules:
  1. Create a Pinterest board named 'Good Things. Spring' and repin the contest entry image from Lucky Leaf's Pinterest board.
  2. Pin three (3) Lucky Leaf recipes directly from LuckyLeaf.com along with three (3) springtime baking inspirations images.  Be sure to tag each of the images with #luckyleafluckyme.
  3. Next, follow the Lucky Leaf Pinterest board (link above).
  4. Finally, register for the contest through Lucky Leaf's Promotions page for a chance to win those high dollar prizes!
Sounds like a good ol' fashion time, huh?!  So get pinning, since you only have until May 15, to enter!

And to give you some inspiration of my own, I'm leaving you with my experience of Lucky Leaf's Coconut Cherry Squares recipe and cherry pie filling they sent to me [along with some other great stuff] to spur my involvement in this awesome giveaway.

First, cherry pie filling is my absolute favorite.  So even though Lucky Leaf sent me two additional recipes and pie fillings, I just had to go with cherry.  And these bars are super simple, so who's going to pass that up?  And when I mean simple, I mean one bowl simple.  Yep, one bowl.

And for those of you with picky eaters, these bars are for them.  They are one classic dessert, with a crust and sprinkled topping of buttery, sweet, and salty goodness, sandwiching a sweet cherry filling.  Throw in a little coconut for an added crunch and element of flavor and we have one winning Spring-filled recipe.  And Lucky Leaf didn't tell me to say that.  I really did love this treat.

So to get you in gear for Spring, bake up a batch of Cherry Coconut Squares [check my link above for the recipe!] while browsing the Web for Spring time goodies.  A quick pin or two could win you some big time cash!  .
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  1. These bars look SO delicious! I'd love to try them.

  2. These look scrumptious!!!! The cherry/coconut combination sounds DELICIOUS!!!!

  3. I have just posted on my blog a dessert very much like yours. So I know its easy and very tasty. Nice post Andi http://thewednesdaybaker.blogspot.com/2013/04/frans-dump-cake.html


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