Sunday Special: Another Debut!

.  As I've mentioned before, there is zero, and I mean possibly negative digits, of food in our house (shush, dad).  My boyfriend and I basically find our meals from the frozen food section or the deli at the grocery store.  Pizza places have also come to know us by name, too.  As so, there has been a subtle (but obvious) push from both of our parents to try our hand at cooking.  But let me first give you my take on cooking, why I didn't like it, and why baking doesn't seem to have the same effect.

I'm a very impatient person when it comes to certain things.  Honestly, I could live off of veggies, veggie dip, and some sandwiches here or there.  Fairly boring if I do say so myself.  So when I do want to eat, I don't especially care to put the time and effort it takes to create a meal from scratch.  I want it now, actually more like yesterday.  Get what I mean?!  But with baking, you don't NEED desserts to live (well, I could probably make a fairly valid argument against this).  You need protein, carbs, fruits, veggies, etc.  But do I really need a chocolatey, peanut butter-filled delectable cookie?  Prooooobably not.  So in this sense, baking is something I don't mind taking the time and care required to make a fantastic treat.  It becomes more of a hobby then a necessity.

But taking our parents advice (and the realization that we began to hate the grocery store and pizza started to get on our nerves), I decided that every Sunday I would make dinner for two (more like four or five, we eat a lot!).  Why Sundays you ask?  Well, Sunday is our unofficial 'lazy day,' when ours plans pretty much consist of couch sitting, T.V. watching, and puppy cuddling.  Since there seems to be too many hours in this particular day, I figured it would be a perfect time to plan and make [healthy] meals for us.

It's very apparent from my blog that I do not skimp when it comes to decadent desserts.  A calorie? They don't exist when it comes to baked goodies.  HOWEVER, there does have to be some balance in life to offset my indulgences (dang it...).  So when I'm perusing my recipes for main dishes, I tend to gravitate towards healthier [yet still delicious] meals.  Yes dad, it is possible!  

Okay, so I'm not bragging in any sort of way.  But I must say, and my boyfriend agrees, that the three (ha, I know, it's only been three so far) meals I have made have been so very good and filling!  And because of this, a tiny light bulb went off in my head.  And I'm sure we can all guess what that was.

Along with Tried & True Tuesdays, I would like to welcome 'Sunday Specials' to my blog.  Every Sunday (or every other, depending on the time I have to cook) I'll blog about the good [and the bad, but hopefully those aren't frequent] healthy dinner recipes I try out.  As I only cook once a week, these will only show up no more than four times a month.  Don't worry, my baking will always take the forefront, but I still think some people would be interested in main meal recipes.  But if not, let me know otherwise ☺

For the first Sunday Special, I'm going to begin with the dinner we had last weekend: Spinach, Chicken and Wild Rice Soup.  Okay, right away I will tell you that my boyfriend stuck his nose up to the thought.  He's a hamburger, burrito, anything large-eatin' kind of guy.  BUT, he quickly changed his tune after the first spoonful of this soup!  It's extremely flavorful, satisfying, and yes, very healthy for you.  He actually told me just today that he's been craving that dish!  WHOA!  Don't let the reduced fat, etc. ingredients scare you off, they're not bad!  There's still plenty of yummy goodness in there.  And another glorious thing about this soup?  It's made in a slow cooker, that set-it and forget-it wonder machine!  No slaving over the hot stove for this meal, thank goodness.  So no more chatter and let's get to it! .

Spinach, Chicken and Wild Rice Soup


3 c. water
1 (14 oz.) can reduced-sodium chicken broth
1 (10 3/4 oz.) can reduced-fat and reduced sodium condensed cream of chicken soup
2/3 c. uncooked wild rice, rinsed and drained
1/2 tsp. dried thyme, crushed
1/4 tsp. ground black pepper
3 c. chopped cooked chicken or turkey (about 1 lb.)
2 c. shredded fresh spinach

  1. In a 3-1/2 to 4 quart slow cooker, combine water, broth, cream of chicken soup, wild rice, thyme, and black pepper.
  2. Cover and cook on low-heat setting for 7 to 8 hours or on high-heat setting for 3-1/2 to 4 hours. 
  3. To serve, stir in chicken and spinach.  
Yield: 6 (1-1/2) cup servings

Nutrition Facts:  Calories: 216 ; Total Fat: 4g ; Saturated Fat: 1g ; Cholesterol: 64mg ; Sodium: 397mg ; Carbs: 64mg ; Fiber: 2g ; Protein: 26g

*My Notes:
  • For the meat, I simply bought a fantastically tender and moist rotisserie chicken from the grocery store.  I used a little more meat than what was called for but that's completely up to you.
  • After I added the chicken and spinach, I let the soup sit for another 10 or 15 minutes just to let the ingredients soak in the juices.
  • I also served whole wheat (80 calorie) take-n-bake rolls.  We had some French Bread left over (from my baking, shocking) but honestly, we both agreed that the whole wheat was a fantastic compliment.


  1. Jess - I am trying this tomorrow! Can't wait to see what Brett thinks! If Robbie like is, I'm guessing Brett might too!

  2. This looks great Jess!!! I am laughing at your comment--I mean, what else were us outties supposed to do with an hour INDOORS?!! Yoga, duh!

    You tell Dale that decadent desserts make up the bottom of the food pyramid, okay?!

  3. Oh man Kelli, the pressure is on! Let me know how it turns out and if you guys like it!

    Haha Jess, I was having a wonderful time thinking about those practices and picturing Big Vig staring us down. Good times, good times :)


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