Happy Father's Day!

. Happy Father's Day, Daddio!

Me and the Pops!

I should actually probably be a little bitter over here.  I tried giving my one and only dad a phone call this morning and he didn't answer!  And I don't believe I ever got a call back?!  Nice.  But I guess I can forgive you, Dad, since it's your day (wink, wink).

Obviously I didn't get to see my family today since my parents live in Minnesota, but they're actually coming down next weekend for the last CWS games.  So we'll be celebrating this special day then.  And I have some special baked goodies lined up, too!  But I feel like a little Father's Day post today is still very necessary.

Moving day, lifting heavy boxes! (And those are definitely empty)

Gosh, what is there to say about my father?  I've been thinking about this post for quite some time, trying to formulate the correct words to describe the man he is and the influence he has had in my life.  And it's been hard...in a good way.

My dad is an amazing man.  Really.  I know everyone thinks that of their family members, but I truly mean this.  Not only is he an amazing man to his family but also to everyone he meets.  My dad sees no fault in anyone and from the first time he meets someone, they become a friend.  Not just an acquaintance, but a friend.  And I'm not really sure it's even his intention, but he possesses this quality that makes people want to be around him.  He just has this ora about him that draws people in, I really can't describe it in any other way.  If you've ever been in a room with him, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Whether he's looking for it or not, my dad eventually becomes the center of attention.  It's like he'll be talking and people will just naturally begin to gravitate towards him.  It's the most weird thing, but it's something I've noticed ever since I was little.  He is always making people laugh, no matter who you are, and who wouldn't want to be around someone like that?  He has a way of making every person feel special and welcomed.  It's crazy, but oh so true.

This picture says it all!

He is also the most selfless person I have ever met.  And this is something I didn't fully realize until I was older and finally in the real world.  But now I've come to see that my dad did anything he could for his family to give us the best opportunities he could.  And he was willing to sacrifice his own needs for us, and that is something that I will never be able to pay him back for.  It was an act that can never be monetarily repaid, I can only try to do something with my life that makes him proud.

My dad (along with, of course, my mom) has also been my biggest supporter.  Whether it's been my personal, athletic, or academic life, he has always been on my side and saying/doing whatever he could to let me know that I could make it.  To say the very least, I never could have gotten through my college career without both of my parents encouraging words.  Seeing their smiling faces on the weekends when they traveled to Omaha for my softball games was always something I looked forward to.  And something that always held me together.  I remember standing in the batting cages before our first practice back from a Christmas break (and dad, you know which Christmas break I'm talking about) and dedicating my next season to him.  I know I've never told him, or anyone for that matter, of this moment, but here it is.  Everything I did from that Christmas on was for my dad.  And it will always continue to be that way ☺

My #1 Fan!

Reading over this post kind of disappoints me.  I can't ever describe the millions of special memories I have with my father and the millions of things he's taught me along the way.  I wish I had the days to let you in on every thing but I guess these thoughts will just always be something special between me and him.  And honestly, I kind of like it that way.

Love you, Daddio .


  1. What sentiment! I really love this post. I haven't seen your dad in years, but I still know what you mean.

  2. Wow sissy, thanks for the nice post. YOu never know how you have done as a parent until you are either dead or someone tell's you. This is really nice to read. Looking forward to seeing you this week in Omaha for the college world series. Yes, I do remember the christmas too!
    Love you!

  3. What a lovely post! It's easy to see where you get your kind spirit. :)

  4. What a nice post to read. We're both lucky to have such great dads.


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