The Salty Tart: Revisited

. Hello from Corvallis, Oregon!!


Yep, I'm right there with you.  I've finally concluded [and just accepted] that my boyfriend and I will never actually plan a trip.  Nope, we like to fly by the seat of our pants make crazy vacation plans within a few hours.  Hey, whatever works for you, right?

So why, exactly, are we in Corvallis?  Well, as you may know, my boyfriend and I were both athletes during our stint at Creighton University.  My boyfriend played on the baseball team and whether he cares to admit it or not, he's a true Bluejay through and through.  Hence, we've been avidly following the Creighton baseball team all season long.  Excitingly enough, they've had a very successful season, winning the regular season crown as well as the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) tournament championship!  Now they are in postseason play, which brings us to Corvallis where Oregon State University is hosting the Regional tournament.

The MVC tournament took place just last weekend and the selection show was on Monday, so technically we didn't really have any clue where Creighton would be going.  But on Tuesday, we made attempts to finalize our plans to fly out to Oregon and support those Bluejays.  Fortunately, I was able to find an at home dog sitter for our three little babies and then we were off to the airport right after work on Thursday.

So here we are!

We watched Creighton play Georgia this afternoon, which we won 2-1!  So they play the nigh game tomorrow against Oregon State University, who beat Arkansas Little Rock.  We actually just got back from that game and a little din-din, and I figured some blogging was in order.

So I don't have a recipe today (well, I actually have a TON of recipes that I need to get posted!] but I thought it'd be a perfect time to fit in a post about me and Bacon-loving friends' trip to the Salty Tart during our Memorial Day trip last weekend!

I mentioned this little stop in my previous post and promised I'd put up some pictures.  I've also posted about the Salty Tart before, where I really couldn't say enough about this place.  And like I expected, we weren't disappointed.  The shop looked just like I remembered, but there seemed to be a busyness in the air.  I also noticed how many more employees they had and they were ALL crazily baking away.  Luckily [but not suprisingly], Michelle Gayer, the owner, was there doing her thing.  She looked incredible, with a slight glow about her.  And I found out some news that would most likely explain it!  But to keep things under wraps, I'll have to fill everyone in on that later.  But believe me, it's nothing short of fabulous news for Michelle and the Salty Tart.

I can't tell you enough how happy I am to see the success they are experiencing.  Michelle is simply a wonderful person, an extraordinary baker, and deserves nothing less than the attention she's getting.  It's incredible to be able to watch this little bakery blossom.

So while we were there, I guided Bacon-loving Friend to the my personal favorite baked goodie at the Salt Tart: Pastry Cream-filled Brioche.  Hm, sounds terrible, huh?  Hardly.  It's absolutely heavenly and I think Bacon-loving Friend agreed!

I also grabbed five Sour Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies and a bag of four macaroons [a.k.a. 'crackaroons' according to Michelle] to share with the family when we got back home.  The cookies are another favorite of mine and who can pass up 'crackaroons'?!  Oh, and they're nicknamed this due to their ridiculous taste and addictive nature.  They're that good!

All in all, it was nothing short of a successful trip.  I love coming home and getting the chance to show off the Salty Tart to anyone and everyone ☺

Well, it's getting late and we're waking up early to head to Newport Beach in the morning.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and cheer for the Jays! .

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  1. lovely cakes :))
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