To the Best of Mother's

.  Wow, I can't believe a year has flown by since last Mother's Day.  I remember writing that post dedicated to my mama and seriously struggling to write the words that would most express my feelings and gratitude towards her.  But in the end, I realized I never could.  Are there really powerful enough words out there to say thank you to the person who raised you, taught you the difference between right and wrong, molded the morals of your being, and sacrificed their very own life to make sure you had it all?

I think not.

Well at least in my own little vocabulary there isn't.

But what I can say is that my mom means the absolute world to me.  As I've grown older, I've realized all of the crap she had to deal with when I was a teenager, all of the time she took out of her life to be there for me and my sports, all of the lessons she so wisely told me I would come to appreciate [and dang it, I did].  And she did it all with that lovely smile of hers.  And loved me unconditionally along the way.  What more could a daughter ask for?

I'm sure if we could give the world to our moms, we would.  And I'd do it without a second thought.  But regardless, it would never be enough to express my admiration for my mom.  Not even close.  And though I can't give the world to her, I'll do what I can through my small token of appreciation she should be opening right about now.  And through a few simple words on this little corner of the world wide web.

So to my mom, thank you so very much for unselfishly deciding to make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that I turned out all right.  Well at least I think I did ☺ I'll continue to live my life to make you proud and maybe somewhere along the way, I'll be half of the strong, beautiful woman I am blessed to call my mother.

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  1. Beautiful post, Jess! :)

  2. Excellent Post, Jess! Love the passionate and heartfelt words to your Mom. Your pictures are fun.

  3. What a beautiful post. Thank you.


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