Life Updates...More Updates?!

.  I know, right?  The ball I call life just keeps on rolling and for some reason, life is making it's way to lightnening speeds.  But you know what?  We deal with it and enjoy every moment.  Life would be boring without these crazy times, wouldn't it?  So I'm taking it all in.

So what do I have to update you on?  Well a couple of things.  But not just any things.  Some life changing things, one you may know about and one I've had to keep mum for a bit.  But now it's time to let it all out.

First things first.  Remember the baby shower I went to in Kansas City a couple of weekends back?  The one for Robbie's sister, Kelli?  Well guess what?  

Kelli and Brett's sweet little bundle of joy decided it was ready to get life going and so on Tuesday, June 25, Daniel Howard made his way into this world.  All 6 lbs. 7 oz. him!  And even though the little miracle showed up three weeks early, the newest Lauritsen is healthy, happy, and already at home with his loving parents.  

So I can't say it enough, but congratulations again to the new parents!  It's such a tremendously exciting time for Kelli and Brett and it's only just the beginning.  Hopefully once things begin to show signs of calming down I can make it down to KC to meet my [almost] very first nephew!  Crazy, huh?!

As you well know, our lives are constantly evolving.  Case in point, the brand new baby I just talked about.  But not only are others lives taking drastic turns, but it looks like things for Robbie and I are about to change.  In scenery, if you know what I mean.

That's right!  It's been kept on the DL for a little while now because we had to have time to figure everything out but now it's time to officially let the world know [because they really care, duh!] that...


Yayayayayayayayay!  Whew, that feels great to get off of my chest.  I've basically wanted to shout this announcement from the nearest mountain top, so it's such a relief to finally let it out!  Technically, it'll just be me moving to Chicago here shortly and Robbie will be following once things are ironed out at his work.  But regardless, now it looks like this newly engaged couple has a wedding to plan and a move to make happen.  Oh, and the move is taking place in two weeks.  WOO!

This is from 2006 when we made our very first trip together ever...and it was to Chicago!  My, do we look young!

Chicago is our absolute favorite city in the country and basically since we met it's been in the back of our minds that we've always wanted to move there.  So [probably subconsciously] this has been something we've been working towards for some time.  And both of us agree that it's a bit surreal right now.  I don't think until we're living in Chicago will we really believe it's happening.  We're actually heading to the big city tonight [yippee!] to search for places to live.  So keep your fingers crossed that we find something this weekend, otherwise this girl will be going into panic mode...

So for now that's all I have for you.  I can pretty much guarantee posts will be few and far between for the next month or more since Robbie and I will be searching for a place to live in Chicago, moving, starting a new job [for me], and trying to regain a grip on our [whirlwind] life.

But hopefully somewhere in the next few weeks I can bombard with you some more updates.  There's been so much going on lately and I can't wait to share!!  .  

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