Creighton Baseball in...Hollywood?

.  Yep, that's right!  You recall that Robbie and I made the trip to L.A. this last weekend to cheer on the good ol' Creighton Baseball team in the UCLA Regional, right?  Well if you didn't, we did.  And it was the bomb.com.

Okay, kind of.

Not gonna lie, Robbie and I both agreed L.A. was a bit underwhelming.  You don't exactly get that glamourous feeling Hollywood seems to have inaccurately portrayed in every movie.  Don't get me wrong, we both had an absolute blast wandering through Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Manhattan/Hermosa Beach.  To say the least, it was extremely interesting!  But I don't know, I can't really pin point what it was that didn't strike our fancy.  Oh well, to each his own!

And of course, we can't forget about the true reason for our venture.  Baseball!  The Creighton team made an amazing post-season run, winning the MVC tourney and then beating both New Mexico and San Diego to make it to the Regional Championship against UCLA [who's #2 in the country, I might add].  Needless to say, Creighton lost in the championship, but it was ridiculously fun to watch them plow through some teams that most likely weren't expecting it.  I would say you can go ahead and pencil in UCLA to the CWS.  Just our opinion though.

Anywho, on to some pictures!  I don't have TOO many but I picked some that would give you a good feel for our trip.  Please note that Robbie may have smiled in one picture.  That may be stretching it though...

On our way to L.A.!

Cha Cha Chickens, easily one of the best meals we had!  I had the Cubano on the bottom and Robbie had Coconut Fried Chicken.  

Santa Monica Pier.

Beachin' it.

Stumbled upon a winner of the 2011 Cupcake Wars!
Ridiculously gorgeous houses on Manhattan Beach.

Championship game!

Bluejay fans!

Robbie is apparently allergic to the sun ;)

Strolled through UCLA's campus on our last day.  Very impressive.

That's all folks!  .

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  1. I really love that pic of your guy swinging! Cool shot.

    1. Haha thanks, Robbie had a great time swinging around!

  2. Thank you for sharing bits of your trip, I enjoyed it! :)


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