My Two Crazy Weeks

.  Busy...  Crazy...  Nonstop... Sleepless... Priceless...

Those words may be really be an understatement of the last couple of weeks I went through.  And I added in that last one because all in all, I wouldn't have traded that time for anything.

If you've been to LSM recently, you've most likely read about the CWS and Tasty Bites.  Yes?  Yes.  Well Tasty Bites brought along my parents, family friends, a couple of puppies, and even a relative! wandering in and out of Omaha throughout June.  So aside from a few minor hostess duties, my days basically entailed [regular] work, a workout [when possible], and working the cheese curd trailer at night!  So you can probably guess there wasn't much time left in the days for blogging.  Sowwy.

But so many things went on [I'm not exaggerating!], that the only way to share the adventure with everyone is through the pictures I snapped here and there.  Sadly, I wish I would have gotten more.  But fryin' cheese curds kept me a little busy!

I know I had way too good of a time, so I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you!  I tried to include pictures of all of the wonderful and gracious people who helped make the Tasty Bites debut a success.  We love you all so much and will never be able to thank you enough!  .
My Dad's cousin, Nancy, made the trek to Omaha from Alabama and fortunately she made it to a CWS game!

My dad and I in front of the Tasty Bites trailer.  I stopped by a few times during the week on my lunch break.

Our wonderful friends Brandon and Hollyann signed up to sell some curds!

Robbie's sister, Kelli [right], and brother-in-law, Brett [left], from The Lauritsen Life, jumped in on a shift, too!

Mini softball reunion with my absolute favs, the Dawson's and Draemel's!

My dad's friends, Heidi and Kelli [from left], made the trip to Omaha for an entire week.  Absolutely some of the greatest people I've met.

Robbie's parents stopped by a few times to keep us company!

My BFF, Bailey, showed of her selling skills for a few days.  Please note Robbie in the back frying those curds!

Managed to fit in the Road to Omaha 5K with Jess [from Blonde Ponytail] and Colin.  It was a scorcher [90+ and humid], but such a blast!

Fortunately [for our bodies], we had one day off during the CWS.  And as you can see, Ollie and I took full advantage.

Post CWS, Robbie and I were fortunate enough to attend the Olympic Swim Trials here in Omaha.  Ahhh-mazing!

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  1. Wow!! What a wonderfully crazy June!! Olympic trials? So awesome. I hope tasty treats was a great success;)

  2. Fun photo's, good job on folks helping your Dad.


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