Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts

.  'Wedding' has undoubtedly taken over my life.  I'm completely and undeniably consumed.

From the engagement, to picking out a wedding planner, designing/managing a wedding website, interviewing/selecting a number of vendors, engagement photos, creating a save the date, stressing over which bridesmaid dress to choose, emotionally selecting my own wedding dress...


Who freakin' knew a wedding would be so much work.  Now I understand why people elope...

So with all of this wedding shenanigans going, the first half of the first month of the New Year has completely passed me by.  Particularly in posts.  Which I do feel bad about.

Due to the fact that every waking moment I'm not working my mind is reeling about anything and everything wedding, I've had little brain power to devote to this dear blog.  I realize life happens, but I try to remind myself that I can't forget about the other important things.  Like my fiancé [he is the reason there's a wedding, anyhow!].  My sweet baby pups.  Shopping [☺️].  And, of course, LSM.

So in attempt to ring in the New Year [a month late] and one of my [informal] resolutions, I opted to try out a baked goodie I'd never attempted.  And it just so happened to be at the request of my good ol' fiancé because they're his fav.

Brown Sugar. Cinnamon. Pop-Tarts.

Not gonna lie, if I had to choose a Pop-Tart to [absolutely] devour, this would not be in my top 10.  I usually went straight for flavors like Hot Fudge Sundae [no doubt my favorite], Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cherry, or Wild Strawberry.  Something with a little more...oomph...than brown sugar.  Get me?

But fortunately I have Robbie in my life for things just like this.  Because without him, I never would have given this recipe a second glance.  But since I was trying to be a good fiancée, I pinned the dang thing.  And then made it.  Just for my Wobbie.

And I'll just be honest with you all.  I ate more of them than he did.

There.  I admitted it.

These flakey, buttery pastries filled with a sweet, brown sugar-cinnamon filling, and dolloped with a simple cinnamon glaze are to. die. for.  And simply irresistible.

I kept telling myself to stop.  But I couldn't.  Then one.  Two.  Oh, two and half, were gone.  Dang it...

So what more can I say?  Except that you'd be making a big mistake to pass these up.

Maybe we'll take a stab at my New Years resolution [i.e., doing things for others] the next baking round...sorry, Wob  .

Adapted from The Baker Chick

Pastry Crust:
2-1/2 c. all purpose flour
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. sugar
1 c. unsalted butter, cold and cut into chunks
1/4 c. cold water

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Filling:
1/2 c. packed brown sugar
1-1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
4 tsp. all purpose flour
1 large egg

Cinnamon Glaze:
1/4 c. powdered sugar
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
3 to 4 tbsp. heaving whipping cream

  1. For the pie crust, place the flour, salt, and sugar in a food processor and pulse just to combine.  Add butter and pulse until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.  With the processor on, add cold water in a steady stream just until dough holds together [do not process for more than 30 seconds].  Turn the dough out to a work surface and divide dough in half.  Shape each half into a slightly flattened disk and wrap with plastic wrap.  Refrigerate dough for 1 hour.
  2. Remove dough from refrigerator and allow to soften [about 15 minutes].  Place one half of dough onto a lightly floured work surface and roll to 1/8-inch thick.  Trim the edges and cut dough into thirds to form 9 rectangles.  Place the rectangles onto lightly greased pans.  Repeat with second half of dough to form the tops of the pop-tarts.
  3. For the filling, stir together brown sugar, cinnamon, and flour to combine; set aside.  Slightly whisk the egg and brush onto the bottom pieces of the pop tarts [on the greased baking sheets]. Place a heaping tablespoon of the filling onto each of the rectangles and spread evenly, leaving a slight edge around the dough.  Place a second rectangle on top of the filling and slightly press down along the edges with your fingers to seal the pop-tarts.  Press the tines of a fork around the edges to complete the sealing process.  Repeat with the remaining pop-tarts.
  4. Prick the tops of each pop-tart with a fork so steam can escape while baking.  Brush the tops of the pop-tarts with the remaining egg mixture.  Refrigerate the pop-tarts for 30 minutes.
  5. Heat oven to 350ºF.  Bake 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown.  Remove from oven and let cool for a couple of minutes before moving to wire racks to cool completely.
  6. While pop-tarts are baking, stir together the powdered sugar, cinnamon, and heavy whipping cream to make the glaze.  Once pop-tarts have cooled to a lukewarm, evenly spread the glaze across the tops of the pop-tarts.
Yield: 9 pastries

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  1. I have to say, I've heard of making your own pop tarts but I was pretty skeptical that they'd even resemble the real thing. But you have me convinced. I'm going to have to give this a try. I wonder if there is any hope of them coming out right if I use half whole wheat and half white. I'll try it with just white first to get the hang of it. Thanks for the pictures, I never would have tried it without them!

  2. Yum! These are my favorite kind of poptarts for sure :) Thank you so much for linking this recipe up at Recipe Sharing Monday. I hope to see you back next Monday. Have a good weekend!


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