A Chance to Reflect

.  I may have mentioned in my last post [which was seemingly forever ago] that I'd be spending Christmas back in Minnesota with the familia and then Robbie and I headed to Arizona to hang out with his family for a few days.

On a hike in the Saguaro Forest in Desert Mountain.  Beautiful, huh?  The scenery is pretty, too... ;)

I unfortunately had to come back to Minnesota early because I was [supposed] to work, but due to an unforeseen event I'm staying in my hometown for a few more days.  More to come on that though.  And don't worry, it's for a good reason.

Anywho, during these last two weeks that I've been off work [and yes, it's been glorious], I've had quite some time to think about the drastic turns my life has taken.

So long 2013.  The last year I'll be a Wakasugi!

If you missed some posts earlier this year or just didn't catch on, the beginning of 2013 seemed to be the end of Robbie and mine's relationship.  We had been going through a rocky time for a few months and needed some time away from each other.  After a few months into the new year, we somehow started talking.  I think it may have been because of the pups?  But at some point, we realized that things just weren't over.

Fast forward a couple of months later and the next thing I knew, Robbie was down on one knee asking to spend the rest of our lives together.

From there, the whirlwind of 2013 began, beginning with thinking about planning a wedding, then  making trips to Arizona to find ourselves a wedding planner, and then BAM...

I got a new job.

And we were moving to our most favorite city: Chicago.

And this all happened in less than 4 months.

Engagement.  New job.  New city.  New life.

And  in between all of this,  Robbie and I were completely honored to be named the godparents of Robbie's family's first grandchild, Danny.

Baby Danny.  Look at those baby blues!

But not only did some monumental things happen  in my own life, my younger brother had also made some tremendous strides this year, including college graduation and commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in the Army, completing Skills Training for the police academy, completing the Basic Officer Leadership Course for the military and finished as the Second Honor Graduate.  Quite a year for Ty, I would say!

So now do you see where I'm coming from?  2013 was a year that started at [in hindsight] a low in my life and evolved into one of the most blessed years I could ever imagine.  I will so boldly say that the [unlucky] number 13 was the best year I've had in my 26 year life.

But as I reflect on this past year, I can't help but feel eager for the future.  2014 has some big things in store.  Not only will I put a big stamp on my 7 [going on 8] year relationship with Robbie, making promises to each other that are so ever sacred.  But I am  miraculously fortunate to share this very special time with my best friend, who will be getting married the month before.  We've had endless numbers of texts on wedding ideas and asking for each others opinions.  As a girl friend, I really couldn't have asked for anything more.

The best friends a girl could have!  Fortunately I got to see these ladies during my vacay.

So although 2013 was undoubtedly memorable, I absolutely can not wait to see what this new year holds.

Cheers to everyone and I wish you YOUR best year yet!  .
P.S. As I promised, I do have some exciting wedding updates that I want to clue everyone in on.  It will come, I promise!  Plus, I also got a fun Christmas present this year related to my blog and I can't wait to share.  Coming soon... ☺

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  1. I'm so glad it turned out the way it did. I gathered what had happened with you through blog sleuthing and was so happy when you got engaged and changed what I thought I knew. :) I love reflecting on the past year and you've done a great job of it. Here's to 2014, and here's to now!

  2. I hadn't seen this yet! Cute post!:)

  3. I hadn't seen this yet! Cute post!:)


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